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Website Review

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Website review service

A website review maximises the the sales leads your site generates. If your site isn’t getting much attention, or is not converting customers, we can help you identify ways to improve it.

The website review service takes a detailed look at your website content. You will receive a report detailing pros and cons of your own site, along with advice on how to make improvements that will engage readers and lead to more sales enquiries.

The website review will advise you how to make changes that make your website more effective and encourage users to purchase. Some of these will be small changes that you can make immediately.

Make sure your website is performing – a website review can improve the customer experience and drive those all-important sales.


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Get found on Google

Do you know the exact phrases your customers are searching for? We use Google’s own statistics to show you what consumers are searching for. We then advise you how to write your website content using these keywords to improve your SEO ranking and increase your chances of being found by search engines including Google.

The more effectively you use keywords, the higher you will appear in search results – making sure customers find you before your competitors.


Get more enquiries

A well written website flows. It appeals to your target market, and encourages them to keep reading. When looking at website content and structure, it’s essential to think in terms of the sales process. A customer needs to be interested, informed and given a clear call to action. This structure gives customers a reason to get in touch and will increase your website’s conversion rate. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, this might be to purchase a product, make an email enquiry or phone you.


The website review service looks at:

  • Is your website written to sell?
  • How do people find your site?
  • Is it written with SEO keywords in mind?
  • Is your brand image clear?
  • Are the benefits clear to the customer?
  • Is the customer encouraged to buy and is there a clear call to action?
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Usability of the website


Improve your website statistics

Speak to your IT administrator to find out your current website statistics. They should be able to tell you how long a user stays on a website, what percentage of users return and the bounce rate. A view ‘bounces’ if a user lands on your website and then closes the window without clicking through to another page or taking any action. A high bounce rate is a strong indication that the website content needs improvement.