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Middlesbrough Email Marketing

Keep customers coming back

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Whether you have an established database or you’re just getting started, getting the copywriting right will have a huge impact.

It’s all about conversion rates – how many people open your email? Of those that do, how many click through to your website? The copywriting has to be well written from the subject line through to the call to action.

Email marketing forms an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Are you using it to build trust and authority or should it be inspiring immediate purchases? Your aims will affect how and what the copywriter writes.

Good email copywriting will have a significant effect on your sales leads and conversion rates. Emails are part of a long term strategy, so building trust over time is essential. Best of all, if you do it right you’ll have an audience that are receptive to your messages – and that’s the key to building loyalty.


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