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Content Marketing

Build loyalty

Increase sales leads

Stand out from the competition

What is content marketing and why does it work?

Content marketing means using valuable and relevant content in a strategic way to reach and engage audiences. The ultimate aim is to build lasting relationships with consumers.

We offer content marketing from our head office in Middlesbrough. Content includes many things, but the most common are blogging, social media, tutorials, video, case studies and newsletters.

So why does content marketing work, and how can it work for you? Read on and find out.


Position yourself as an authority

If you’re publishing content on your area of expertise, you’re immediately positioning yourself as an authority on the subject. Keep it up – consistently – and you’ll become known as an expert. You make your name synonymous with your industry.

By publishing regular content you’re making something available that previously wasn’t. The internet has brought a whole new level of transparency, and readers like to feel that they’re in the know. By letting them in on your company’s inner workings, you’re empowering customers with knowledge to help them make better purchase decisions.

In addition to that, you’re building familiarity. You become a recognised name and consumers feel like they know you, even if they’ve never purchased from you before.


Content marketing to gain trust and brand loyalty

Using content marketing in this way gains the trust of your readers. They recognise you as an industry leader and inherently trust you, because you’ve demonstrated that you know what you’re talking about. Being a trusted source puts you miles ahead when buyers make purchase decisions. Do you go with the company who knows what they’re talking about and is trusted by many or an unknown competitor? For 99% of people, the authority will be the preferred choice.

Trust inevitably leads to brand loyalty. The more resource you put in, the more this loyalty will build and the further-reaching it will be.

Once you’re seen as an industry leader, customers are familiar with you and trust you – so you’re making their purchase decision incredibly easy.


Blogs, newsletters and more

Give your content marketing a kick start by using a content writer who identifies your strengths and promotes these. HS Copywriting writes blogs, newsletters and more to give your content marketing strategy the edge it needs. Our copywriters are experienced in writing for a range of audiences, so whatever your industry get in touch and see how we can work for you.

Content marketing isn’t a quick fix and it will take time to see results. But invest in it now and before you know it you’ll be way ahead of your competitors, building loyalty that lasts a lifetime.