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About Us

About Us HS Copywriting

Professional copywriters

HS Copywriting was set up to give businesses access to professional copywriting services.

Our copywriters work with businesses throughout the UK to create professional communications that get results.

Whatever your aims, from increasing brand awareness to building customer loyalty, HS Copywriting uses marketing techniques to help you achieve more.

Our copywriters help you increase sales through professional writing that engages customers. Whether your aim is to reach more customers, increase web traffic, get more sales leads or build brand loyalty, a copywriter can help you achieve it.

Our copywriters develop a clear message that is aimed at your target market, inspiring them to take action.

HS Copywriting works with clients from a range of industries; from B2B to commercial, our targeted communications work for any professional company wanting to engage more with its target market.

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Why use a copywriter?

Many companies outsource their communications to a copywriter. Some don’t have the time or resource in house, and others like to outsource to an expert copywriter so they can be sure their communications are targeted and effective.

HS Copywriting’s copywriters are masters at creating communications that encourage your reader to engage. Depending on your aims, that action might be to purchase, make an enquiry or pick up the phone. A good copywriter will understand the target audience and appeal to them on a personal level.

You invest a lot in your website and communications, so it makes sense to use a professional copywriter. An expensive website that doesn’t engage or sell might as well not be there. The reader will move on to another company and the sale is effectively lost. HS Copywriting’s copywriters can make readers stay on your site longer and help increase conversion rates.

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HS Copywriting

HS Copywriting was created so that businesses could access freelance copywriting services that do more than entertain the reader; they should embrace marketing principles to really engage and build customer relationships that last.

Marketing principles aim to guide customers through the sales process; creating awareness and interest, guiding the viewer to the website and providing information, and finally giving them a reason to take action and make a purchase.

HS Copywriting aims to:

  • Understand your target audience and the decision making process
  • Develop a clear marketing message
  • Write persuasive copy that has a purpose
  • Use a clear call to action that encourages a reader to take the next step

Our copywriters create communications for businesses in all sectors throughout the UK. We work with many industries, including B2B, commercial, public sector, industry, healthcare and leisure.

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